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Carpentry Hand Drill Activity


An individual activity for using a hand drill

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A table top Carpentry Hand Drill Activity.  The children are given a presentation on how to hold and use the drill. Once the presentation has been given the children can then drill holes into a block of wood.  These blocks of wood with drill holes can then be used for the Carpentry Hammering or Screwdriver activity.  A further extension to this activity is showing the children how to replace the drill bit.  The activity comes with the table top work tray, which measures approximately 20cm deep x 30cm wide and has a front and back lip to prevent slipping on the table and to contain the activity, a specially designed drill for children to use which does not have any cogs or gears so no pinched fingers, a tin containing one drill bit, spare drill bits are also given.  This activity is one of 4 and is ideally used to introduce a skill prior to using the Carpentry Bench.

Health & Safety Awareness

These activities are to be presented individually to children who are deemed ready for the activity.  They are to be used in an environment where the children are observed and supervised.  Any misuse of the activity may result in injuries.

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