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Brooms for outdoor & indoor £12.95, Straw Broom or Squeegee £13.95

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Brooms for a wide variety of jobs. We have sourced good quality brooms from Redecker and Gluckskafer. The choice includes two sorts of indoor with soft bristle, one has a slightly larger head. We do recommend that the indoor brooms are hung up so that the soft bristles do not become bent. We have brooms which can be used indoor or outdoors for sweeping and scrubbing. The straw broom is ideal for fallen leaves, the scrubbing broom is perfect for getting mud off pathways and the other outdoor broom is great for general sweeping. The long handled squeegee is a perfect tool for cleaning windows.

All of our brooms can have the handle heights adjusted, so please do say on your order if you need them shortened for children under the age of 3 years.

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Indoor, Outdoor, Straw, Small Indoor, Squeegee, Scrubbing

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