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Enamelware in White


White enamelware made in Europe and ideal for the Practical Life activities.

Bowl with handles £11.90

Bucket £12.75

Larger Jug £9.50

Small Jug £8.50

Bowl without handles £10.90

Soap Dish £12.00

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Enamelware in White is made in Europe and works well with the Practical Life materials.  The small jug is 9cm high and is the right size for individual snack or tray based Practical Life activities.  The tall jug is 12cm high and holds 0.5ltr and has measuring marks on the inside of the jug, this is ideal for the larger Practical Life activities like washing cloths etc.  The bucket is 14.5cm high.

There are two types of bowls one which measures 11.5cm high by 16.5cm across and has a thin blue rim and no handles, the other has handles.  There is also a white soap dish which is not shown in the main photograph but can be seen when selected in the drop down menu.

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Bowl with Handles, Bucket, Larger Jug, Small Jug, Bowl without Handles, Soap Dish

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