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Sewing Tray


A Sewing Tray which allows the child to take all they need for independent sewing.  Designed and made in Lymington

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I designed this tray when I had my school to enable the child to sew independently.  The tray stays on the shelf and contains everything that the child needs for sewing.  The sewing tray is divided into sections containing a sewing ring, scissors, darning needles, spare threads (which do not get in a tangle) and small washers.  The sewing tray comes with 4 meters of pre-cut calico, 20 ‘tangle free’ plaits of multi coloured thread, 20 spare darning needles and a bag of scrap material.  All of which are available to purchase separately.

The Sewing Tray measures approximately 52 cm wide by 25 cm deep.

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