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The Farm, Labels & Table


The Farm    £334.36

The Farm Table    £365.44

Noun Labels for The Farm    £22.50

Adjective Labels for The Farm    £35.19

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The Farm is used as a language resource in the Montessori classroom.  It provides a setting for activities of language enrichment, grammar and reading.  Included is: a farmhouse, people, animals, fences and a working base.

The Farm Table is specifically designed in beech plywood with a storage shelf as support for The Farm.  Measures 76 x 60 x 45 cm

Noun Labels for The Farm:  83 word labels

Adjective labels for The Farm:  128 article-adjective-noun phrases on labels

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The Farm, table, & labels

The Farm, The Farm Table, Noun Labels for The Farm, Adjective Labels for The Farm

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