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Colour Box 1    £28.06

Colour Box 2    £63.15

Colour Box 3   £138.00

Colour Box of 32 pairs    £158.78

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Colour Box 1:  The First Box of Colour Tablets introduces colour and refines the chromatic sense.  Consists of 6 tablets – a pair each of the primary colours.  Red, Yellow and Blue

Colour Box 2:  The Second Box of Colour Tablets introduces secondary and tertiary colours as well as, the language of colours.  The box contains 22 tablets.

Colour Box 3:  The Third Box of Colour Tablets introduces the final stage in colour discrimination – that of grading.  The box contains 63 tablets representing nine colours in seven graded shades.

Colour Box 4:  A supplemental box of colours containing 4 matching shades of 8 colours.

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Colour Box 1, Colour Box 2, Colour Box 3, Colour Box of 32 Pairs

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