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Smell Bottles


Smell Bottles activity

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Sensory Smell Bottles work tray designed and made by us in Lymington.  The Smell Bottle activity consists of 10 glass bottles to which are added a few drops of five different essential oils, the child pairs the smells. The 10ml smell bottles sit in individual holes in a birch ply work tray which is designed to be carried easily by the child.

The 10ml high quality essential oils can be purchased either with the smell bottle activity or separately, I have available to buy sets of herb or floral essential oils.

The Smell Bottle work tray is made from birch veneered ply which has been finished with a hard wax oil finish.

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Smell Bottle activity

Smell Bottle activity NO oils, Smell Bottle activity with Herb oils, Smell Bottle activity with Floral oils

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