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Plaiting Block & Thread set


To teach plaiting in simple successive stages, designed and made by us.

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Our Plaiting Block & Thread set enables the child to develop their plaiting from a horizontal activity to vertical through four progressive plaiting stages. The Plaiting Block & Thread set was designed and created by myself after years of experience in a Montessori school and now made by us in Lymington Hampshire, this plaiting block allows for each activity to be attached by a removable stainless steel bar to a solid block of wood. The solid block of wood can either be flat on a work mat or hung from the wall to allow for later vertical plaiting. As the child masters each stage of the plaiting the threads can be removed and the next stage attached.  Once the child masters all four of the plaits horizontally, the block can be hung on the wall and the child can then learn the stages vertically.

The block of wood measures approximately 15 cm wide by 6 cm deep. The cords are a metre in length to allow for repetition and the threads are shorter measuring approx 75 cm.

Replacement cords are available if needed.

More videos showing each stage of the plaiting activities are available through our Facebook page Montessori Design by Nuccia


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