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Carpentry Tools


Hand drill with two spare drills £24.50

Hammer £7.50

Screwdrivers x 2 £8.00

Hacksaw with 5 spare blades £5.50

Safety Glasses £3.50

Sandpaper squares x 12 £3.50

Bench Vice £25.00

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These Carpentry Tools are sold as spares to our Carpentry bench or Carpentry sets which are available to buy on their own pages.

These tools are not toys, they are real tools and should therefore be used in an environment where the children are shown how to use the tools correctly, are observed by an adult and the number of children using the tools together is restricted.

The Draper Hand drill is perfect for small hands and does not have any exposed cogs or gears to pinch fingers.  The drill bit is easily replaced by unscrewing the end chuck. This hand drill comes with two spare drills.

The perfectly sized Hammer is again ideal for small hands.

Two stubby Screwdrivers, one cross head one slot head.

The Junior Hacksaw comes with a pack of 5 spare blades.

Adjustable junior Safety Glasses. These glasses not only have adjustable arms so they can fit small heads but the arms have small holes in the end so elastic can be fitted for an even snugger fit.

Packs of folded Sandpaper. The sandpaper is folded in such a way that when one side is worn a new side can be folded over and used so the sandpaper lasts longer. The pack contains 12 folded squares of medium sandpaper.

The Bench Vice that we use on our Carpentry table is available to buy but you need to be aware that it bolts securely to a sturdy bench.

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Carpentry Spares

Hand Drill, Hammer, 2 x Screwdrivers, Hacksaw, Safety Glasses, Sandpaper, Bench Vice

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