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Flat Head Screwdriver Cube made from Solid Oak


Flat Head Screwdriver Cube made from solid Oak

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Flat Head Screwdriver Cube made from Solid Oak so long lasting with removable flat head bolts that can be unscrewed and taken out.  The cube measurers approximately 9cm.  This Flat Head Screwdriver Cube does not come apart when the bolts are removed.

This is one of series of activities we make at Montessori Design for developing manipulative skills, eye-hand coordination and wrist movement.  We have Spanner Blocks where the two pieces of wood can be separated by undoing the bolts with a spanner or the Wing Nut block which can be unscrewed just using fingers.    The Combo Screwdriver cube comes with two screwdrivers for added difficulty and the Spanner cube comes with four different size spanners and hex head bolts.

We also make the Carpentry Sets for Hammering, using a Handsaw, Hand drill and one for using screwdrivers.

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