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Dressing Frames with backing


A choice of ten different fastenings to help with your childs independence.  Made by us in Lymington, Hampshire

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Dressing Frames are used to help develop the child’s independence by isolating the fastening and skills needed to master dressing and undressing.

These Dressing Frames are made by us in Lymington with a solid Beech frame and veneered backing board.  The frame measure 30cm x 30cm and has a decorative backboard which is revealed once the child has opened the fastenings.  The decorative backboard is varnished with a semi-gloss hardwearing finish which is wipe clean.  The material is held by brass screws in eyelets which enables the material to be removed to be hand washed.

Ten dressing frames are available: Velcro, Large Buttons, Small Buttons, Hook & Eye, Poppers, Bag Clips, Zip, Buckles, Bow Tying and Lacing.

The Dressing Frames are made to order so if you have a colour scheme or preference to fabric design please let us know.

These Dressing Frames will fit into the Nienhuis dressing frame stand.

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Dressing Frames

Velcro, L.Buttons, S.Buttons, Hook & Eye, Poppers, Bag Clips, Zip, Buckles, Bow Tying, Lacing

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