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Brushes for small hands


Brushes for all activities individually priced

If you wish to buy a small single item, email for reduced P&P

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Brushes for all variety of Practical Life activities.  We have sourced from various companies including Rudecker to provide you with a good choice of high quality brushes appropriately sized for small handles.  All are priced individually apart from the Shoe polishing and bottle cleaning which are sold as a set of two.

We have scrubbing brushes which come in three different colours, blue, red and yellow to enable you to colour coordinate your activities.  These brushes are hard and are to be used on the floor or on plastic objects, personally I would avoid using them on wooden tables as they may damage the surface of the wood.  We stock four types of scrubbing brushes from Rudecker, a perfectly sized nail brush, a vegetable/fruit scrubbing brush and two for table scrubbing, one hard, which I recommend for plastic items or on floors and the soft scrubbing brush is perfect for wooden tables.   We also have a set of two brushes for shoe polishing, a dish brush and a set of two brushes for bottle washing.

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Yellow scrubbing £8.50, blue scrubbing £8.50, red scrubbing £8.50, Rudecker hard £4.95, Rudecker soft £4.95, nail brush £6.50 each, Veg Fruit brush £12.95 each, Bottles brushes £6.00 pair, dish brush £4.95 each, Shoe brushes £15.00

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