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Topponcino Pillow perfect for the new born


Topponcino Pillow perfect for the newborn baby

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A Topponcino Pillow is used to provide the newborn baby with security when being passed between adults and when transferring from the warmth of arms into bed.  The Topponcino Pillow is made with thin layers of cotton fleece held in calico and covered in a removable sleeve making a comfy flexible pillow which is slightly longer and twice as wide as a newborn baby.

We make the Topponcino Pillow in Lymington in a variety of prints, but if you have any specific requests please do stipulate these on your order or give us a call 0787 659 3511

Also available in organic cotton and wadding.

The following is taken from the website ‘How we Montessori. com’

What is key is providing a warm, comfortable, secure and supportive environment for the child. We want the child to build a sense of trust in their environment from the start. We need to provide an environment that supports the child through the symbiotic period.

The Topponcino can provide familiarity in touch (texture, warmth), and scent. It can assist with gentle handling and holding and with transitions such as being held by siblings and other family members, it ensures the baby is physically supported and this is especially useful when being held by or passed to young or older members of the family or those not familiar with holding an infant. It can assist with transitions such as being held and then being placed on their floor bed or movement mat.

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