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Takane Kicking Ball


Takane Kicking Ball used to stimulate the kicking action in babies.

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Takane Kicking Ball is handmade by us in Lymington and is used to stimulate a kicking action when your baby is lying on their back on a play mat.  The adult holds the elastic near the babies feet so when they kick the ball they hear the bell ring.

Also available is the Takane Grasping Ball with comes without the elastic or bell.

Material: Cotton fabric, non-toxic stuffing, firmly attached elastic and bell, washable.

Size: Approximately 10cm across

It is NOT A TOY and should be keep out of baby’s grasp.  Possible entanglement injury. Use it only when the baby is awake and lying on movement mat/playing mat, it is recommended to always be held by an adult.

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