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The Metal Insets, stands etc


The Metal Insets    £147.74

Metal Inset Stands    £69.00

Empty Wall Frame    £420.00

Inset paper x 500 sheets   £14.88

Inset paper box   £18.34

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Dr. Montessori analysed the movements that are connected with writing and developed The Metal Insets for directly preparing the child for handwriting. Use of this materials strengthens the three-finger grip and coordinates the necessary wrist movements. The exercises also advance proficiency in lightness of touch and evenness of pressure through drawing activities. The Metal Insets invite unlimited geometric design possibilities. Material consists of: 10 metal insets and frames.

The Metal Inset Stands consist of two sloping stands: 1 for straight-sided figures and 1 for curve-sided figures.

Floor/Wall frame for the Metal Insets is a beech plywood frame for holding the Metal Insets and other necessary materials. Floor standing or wall mounted. Measures 72 x 23 x 76cm

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The Metal Insets, Metal Inset Stand, Wall Frame, Inset paper, Paper Box

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