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Geometric Cabinet & Form Cards


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The Geometric Cabinet    £485.36

Geometric Form Cards    £47.16

Geometric Form Card Box    £32.47

Geometric Forms Card Cabinet    £78.18

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The Geometric Cabinet introduces the child to plane geometry.  A six drawer cabinet containing 35 geometric insets and frames.

The Geometric Form Cards consist of three series of 35 cards that correspond to the figures contained within the Geometric Cabinet.  Series include 7 each of solid, thick lined and thin lined plastic cards.

Geometric Form Card Box:  A box with 3 dividers used for storing the Geometric Cards.

Geometric Form Card Cabinet:  A cabinet with 6 shelves used for storing the Geometric Form Cards.

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Cabinet, Cards & Storage

Geometric Cabinet, Geometric Forms Cards, Geometric Form Card Box, Geometric Forms Card Cabinet

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