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Terminology Cards in wood


Wooden Terminology cards £240 per box

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Wooden Terminology Cards hand printed on 8mm wooden tiles and finished in a hard wax oil varnish.  These Terminology Cards made by us in Lymington are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly and will last for years!

I designed and Lino cut 10 images; horse, chicken, bird, insect, snail, fish, tree, flower, mushroom and leaf.

The terminology cards introduce the child to the different parts of each object, for example the fish has eight different parts named; the dorsal fin, pectoral fin, anal fin, pelvic fin, lateral line, gills, scales and tail.

Each box contains tiles showing the highlighted parts of the object with the word attached as well as a matching set of just the highlighted part with the word on a separate tile.  The child visually matches the image and the word and with the help of an adult is introduced to the names of the different parts.

The wooden Terminology Cards come in their own felt lined box with handles so they are easy for the child to carry and can be displayed on the shelf.

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horse, fish, bird, snail, leaf, flower, mushroom, chicken, tree, insect

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