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Circle of Seasons


Circle of Seasons approximately 88cm across


I made a Circle of Seasons years ago when I had my school and finally found time to make more during the Covid 19 lock down.  The Circle of Seasons is one of my most favourite beautiful items that we make and would be a treasured item for your classroom.

The Circle of Seasons consists of a circle approximately 88cm across, cut into quarters.  Each quarter is subdivided into four, showing the season, the months, a visual representation of the each season and a written description.  In the centre of the circle is a painting of a tree showing each season change.

The Circle of Seasons is contained in a material bag for ease of storage and can be laid out and completed by the children.  The activity has its own control of error in the colour coding for each season.

The Circle of Seasons is all hand made and has a Birch veneered finish with hand painted graphics, sealed with 4 coats of hard wearing wax oil varnish, backed in felt and contained in a material bag.

This piece of equipment will be a long-lasting beautiful addition to the cultural area of your classroom.

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