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Imbucare Triangular Prism 042400Imbucare Box with CylinderNienhuis Imbucare Box

Nienhuis Imbucare Boxes with Prisms


Three of the Imbucare boxes in Series II of the Infant range from Nienhuis

Imbucare Box with Cube £49.34

Imbucare Box with Triangular Prism £49.34

Imbucare Box with Rectangular Prism £49.34

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Nienhuis Imbucare Boxes with Prisms.  Continuing efforts at Nienhuis Montessori have produced an important extension to their spectrum of materials. Extensive research and consulting with experts in the infant toddler field has resulted in a unique line in Infant Toddler Montessori materials. Nienhuis are continually expanding this line with new, innovative, specialised products that perfectly suit the infant toddler community.

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