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Takane Grasping Ball ideal for small hands


Takane Grasping Ball with matching Basket

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Takane Grasping Ball with Basket is a lovely set for a baby.  The Takane Grasping Ball is designed so it can be easily picked up and held by a young baby.  This Grasping Ball we make sits in its matching basket ready to be grabbed and squeezed by the baby, once the baby starts to crawl they are perfect for rolling and chasing after.

The Takane Grasping Balls are made by us in Lymington and come in a variety of colours and can be made from Organic materials (which does increase the price) so if you have a specific colour combination or wish to be fully organic please do call 0787 659 3511 or add a comment when you order.

The Grasping Ball is a complementary item to the Takane Kicking Ball.

Lined Baskets in two sizes are available to buy separately.

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