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Nienhuis Golden Bead Chain of 100 & 1000


Golden Bead Chain of 100    £28.57

Golden Bead Chain of 1000    £204.21

100 and 1000 Chains Frame    £34.71

Printed Arrows: 100/1000 Bead Chains    £28.59

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Nienhuis Golden Bead Chain of 100 & 1000 provides experience in counting from 1-100 and 1-1000 reinforces the sequence of number, prepares the child for counting by tens and demonstrates in linear form the squares of 100 and the cube of 1000.

These chains are also available as individual nylon beads at a cost of £13.24 for the 100 chain and £111.89 for the 1000 chain. Just email or call me if you would prefer the nylon versions.

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Chains, Frame & Labels

Chain of 100, Chain of 1000, Chain Frame, Printed Arrows

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