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Globe of Land and Water (sandpaper)    £86.61

Globe of Worlds Parts (smooth)    £113.97

Globe of the Continents (painted)    £112.67

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Globe of Land and Water:  With the Globe of Land and Water, the child gets a sensorial impression of land and water.  The globe has a sand surface representing land and a smooth surface representing water.  The wooden base holds the globe at a 23 degree angle, the same as the earth’s axis in relation to the sun.

Globe of World Parts:  With the Globe of the World Parts, the concept of continents is introduced.  The globe has an entirely smooth surface with a beige colour representing land and blue representing water.

Globe of The Continents:  With the Globe of the Continents, the concept of continents is reviewed with the child and the continents are named.  These lead to work with the Puzzle Maps.

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