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Environment Cleaning Trolley


Environment Cleaning Trolley enables the child to independently clean up a spill.

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Environment Cleaning Trolley is a sturdy wooden trolley on lockable casters containing all the items needed to clean up a spill on the floor or on the table.  The children push the Environment Cleaning Trolley to the table or floor where the spill has happened and have all the items ready at hand to clean up.  Cloths and sponges are colour coded for either floor or table use and are housed in their own containers, this enables good hygiene practices.  In the following videos the Environment Trolley has yellow and blue cloths this has now been changed to red and blue. The trolley comes with a floor broom with soft bristles, 2 x enamel dustpan and brushes, 2 x liquid soap containers and spares, 2 x scrubbing brushes, towels and sponges, enamel bucket and jug.  The trolley comes with spare cloths and sponges.  The Environment Trolley comes with a container for a piece of chalk to draw a ‘sweeping circle’ if you do not want this please let us know.

This trolley is 52 cm high and is available in a lower height for the Bambini.  All items are available to buy separately.

Due to the size of this item an extra £12 postage will be charged if the total order is under £350


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