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Land and Water Form Cards


Land & Water Form Cards:  Set 1    £81.57

Land & Water Form Cards:  Set 2    £77.55

Land & Water Forms:  Card Set    £65.51

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Land & Water Form Cards:  Set 1; Based on Set 1 of the Land and Water Form Trays.  Contains 2 sets of full colour nomenclature cards.  1 set with separate labels and 1 control set labeled a the bottom and a spiral bound book that contains a complete set for teaching and reference use.  Cards are made of plastic for durability.  Includes a wooden box for storage.

Land & Water Form Cards:  Set 2;  Same as above but based on the Set 2 of the Land and Water Form Trays

Land & Water Forms:  Card Set;  Ten Sets of Land and Water Forms Cards for matching, vocabulary. nomenclature and definition sets I, II and III.  The Land and Water Forms are 6 basic forms:  Island-Lake, Peninsula-Gulf, Isthmus-Strait and 4 advanced forms:  Archipelago-System of Lakes and Cape-Bay.  Printed in colour on white card.

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Land & Water Form Cards: Set 1, Land & Water Forms Cards: Set 2, Land & Water Forms: Card Set